Sample data

Below are available samples of ALOS world 3D topographic data.
Sample data will be updated and new areas will be added as needed in the near future.

To request sample data, please download an application form from the below link and submit it to our contact e-mail address.

Application Form

We will provide download information for sample data by email after receiving the application.

Sample data list
Thumbnail File name Area Product Level /
Elevation File size Kyushu,
Level1 1Tile DSM
(1degree x 1degree)
Height above Ellipsoid 706.8MB Kyushu,
Level1  DSM Height above Sea Level 27.3MB Kyushu,
Panchromatic Ortho
(Optional Product)
N/A 44.1MB Yushan,
Level1  DSM Height above Ellipsoid 26.6MB