NTT DATA and RESTEC distribute AW3DTM Global High-resolution 3D Map covering the land of the entire world which shows undulations of terrain over the world with World top level resolution using PRISM data acquired by Advanced Land Observing Satellite "Daichi" (ALOS) of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and high resolution satellite images.

Service Line-up


AW3D Standard

- Entire World DEM (Digital Elevation Model) in 5-meter Resolution
- World's Most Precise Level
  Products:Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Orthorectified Image, Processed 3D products
  Resolution:5m (DEM), 2.5m (Orthorectified image)
  Accuracy:5m horizontal and vertical
  Area:Land area of the Entire World

DEM (Everest)

Ortho (Everest)

3D Color (Everest)

- Perfect 3D coordinates achieved by 3-way observation

PRISM data acquired by 3-way optical system (Forward, Nadir, Backward) makes highly accurate data of various types of terrain, even sharp slope of Mt. Everest. True Ortho is orthorectified imagery made from nadir image without angle view. Highly accurate 3D coordinates information is available using 3-demensional information (DEM and orthorectified imagery) including horizontal information.

- High Geolocation Accuracy without GCP Correction

The product offers high geolocation accuracy without any ground control points, thanks to the precise position/attitude data of the sattelite and well calibrated sensor models. Moreover, it is equipped with high data quality which does not include any systematic noise derived from the satellite observing system such as an attitude jitter by using high-frequency attitude data exclusively used for this product.

Comparison with existing global data(Ayers Rock)


Left: ALOS 5m resolution DEM, Right: Existing 90m resolution DEM

AW3D Enhanced

- Highest precision DEM in 0.5m Resolution

High accuracy of 0.5m in both horizontal and vertical direction is realized with DigitalGlobe’s satellites. The product offers wide range line-ups of 0.5m, 1m and 2m mesh product at the same accuracy level. We combine images shot by several satellites and produce high-resolution 3D map. This provides terrain models with such high resolution that detailed variations in tree height can be determined.

  ProductsDigital Elevation Model (DEM), Orthorectified Image, Processed 3D products
  Resolution0.5m/1m/2m(DEM), 0.5m(Imagery Option)
  Accuracy1m horizontal and vertical(with GCP)
  AreaThis product is produced on demand. There is new tasking option.

Example of the utility (Mt. Everest)

Comparison between DEM and Ortho (Tokyo, Japan)


Left: 0.5m resolution DEM, Right: Ortho

AW3D Building

- Global High-Resolution 3D Map Building

3D map with the shape and height of building by using the latest images. Building dataset includes shape and building footprint. These dataset is for many simulations such as telecommunication, asset planning, analysis of the view.

Example of the utility (Tokyo, Japan)

From "3D maps that you look at" to "3D maps that you can use"

This digital 3D maps is characterized by it’s high precision and high quality. It can be used for various purposes. It can be solution in broad area, such as development of infrastructure in emerging countries, prevention and measures of natural disasters including flood, natural resource survey, and water resource

[Development of Infrastructure]
- Developing base maps in emerging nations
- Construction planning for infrastructure facilities
- Development plan for agricultural irrigation
[Disaster Prevention]
- Identifying areas at risk of disasters including flooding, landslides, tsunamis, lava flows and pyroclastic flows
- Evaluation of climate change related risks such as sea level rise and glacier retreats
[Resource Surveys]
- The identification of promising areas for natural resource investigations
- Water resource and underground water surveys
- Simulations for aircraft operations
- Route selection for navigation
[Radio Communication]
- Plan development for such purposes as the grasping of areas that present an impediment to radio communication
- Location correction through remote sensing data
- Computer graphics and video production
- The production of educational teaching materials for subjects such as science, geography, and disaster prevention

Topographic map

Flooding and tsunami

Natural resources

Aircraft operation